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Our promise is quality over quantity and that starts with understanding your priorities. Right from your initial call or email, you can rely on us to help bring your project details together. Building Renewal requires extensive expertise. We have a wide range of building envelope, safety, surfaces, and coatings experience in both vertical and horizontal applications. Your assigned project manager will patiently answer your questions, provide impartial advice, and enable you and your council to feel confident moving forward, knowing you have complete information and have made the best possible decision in the correct manner.

Once your project is underway, our regular notices, photos and updates will keep you informed about our progress. This frequent and effective communication provides the foundation for a smooth project and equips us to promptly identify and solve any concerns that may arise as the project progresses.

Before completion, you will be invited to join your project manager on a final inspection, to ensure every detail is addressed. You can expect an outstanding finished result that we will stand behind for years to come. This includes our Certificate of Warranty that is unparalleled in our industry.

High Rise Restoration

Tatras provides full Building Restoration services starting from project planning, management to execution. Our services includes concrete remediation, sealant application and coating. 


Inspections are a quick and effective way to identify problem areas before they become a greater liability. To avoid expensive future repairs we recommend carrying out annual inspection. 

Painting Services

Exterior painting projects present unique challenges that require the teamwork of highly skilled estimators, project managers, and crews to deliver an excellent final result.

Concrete and Brick Restoration

As buildings with concrete components age, they require inspection to identify and maintenance to repair any deterioration in their original design and envelope waterproofing.

Sealant Services

Our sealant renewal projects include removal and replacement of sealants on metal, concrete and wood building components on strata apartments, townhomes, and high-rises.


Tatras Group can help with renewal of this membrane which will protect the structure and provide a beautiful new slip-resistant surface that is durable and provides protection to the substrate for years to come