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Polyurethane membranes are the waterproof layer installed to protect the underlying structure and building envelope. Tatras focuses on renewing membranes on:

  • Concrete decks
  • Wood decks
  • Eyebrows
  • Parkades and ramps

Membranes require regular monitoring to ensure they provide the protection intended. Once deterioration has occurred, water ingress can cause significant damage to interior finishes, exterior wall assemblies, and even structural damage.


We look for:

  • Cracking or gaps due to building movement
  • Damage or tears caused by owners
  • Wearing of the surface from traffic movement
  • Staining or deposits on the soffits or balcony ceilings
  • Ponding or water accumulation

As with other areas of your building, strength, durability, and longevity make concrete a good choice for balconies. However, over the years, regular use, lack of maintenance, improper
sloping or design, and exposure to the elements can cause deterioration. The membrane surface functions as a waterproofing for the balcony deck and underlying
structure. As the membrane ages, it can develop cracks, tears, or just get worn and old. Tatras Group can help with renewal of this membrane which will protect the structure and provide a beautiful new slip-resistant surface that is durable and provides protection to the substrate for years to come

Our Waterproofing Methods

Membrane repairs that go unnoticed or are delayed, can cause significant damage and become more expensive to repair. If you see signs of compromised membrane protection, contact us to discuss the next steps. Often an engineer’s review will provide a thorough identification of both causes and solutions, allowing for the most effective repair.
Tatras provide membrane application repair for:

Our balcony repair services are primarily for liquid-applied polyurethane membranes, and include:

Cracks in the concrete are not uncommon and often overlooked. They not only affect the appearance of your balcony but can lead to water ingress, which WILL eventually cause deterioration of the underlying rebar and may become a structural hazard if left alone.
Generally, you should monitor any crack for six months to ensure it does not increase in size. In many cases, cracks can be addressed by the repair process associated with professional installation of a waterproof balcony membrane.